Saturday, October 2, 2010

Miles Corbin - Sounds from the Tiki Hut (2000)

ARTIST`````Miles Corbin
ALBUM`````Sounds from the Tiki Hut
Lounge, Easy, Nu Surf, Exotica, Kitsch


The laziest sound possible. A very interesting production mix: stripped down, retro soft synth beats entangled in classical Hawaiian/surf guitar melodies. All songs have thin basslines so the whole album is mostly in mid and high range (love those cheap, crisp snares) mostly sounding like some rare exotic vintage gem. A truly unpretentious record that takes you far, far away from the suffocating, confusing world of today's showy, charts aiming bands.
Miles Corbin is the bandleader guitarist of The Aqua Velvets whose music is featured in many Film and TV soundtracks. The whole crew seriously lacks promotion and support but after viewing their stunningly badly composed but charming website it seems they really don't give a flying fuck.

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darkflux said...

the link is dead.
long live the link!

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