Monday, September 6, 2010

V.A. Out Run Arcade Game Alternative Soundtrack (2010)

ALBUM`````V.A. Out Run Arcade Game Alternative Soundtrack
GENRE`````Kitsch, Nerdy, Electronic, Italo, Electro, Techno, Retro, Moog
A Bleeding Panda Compilation

Out Run:

For some time now I wanted to make a nerdy tribute to one of the greatest arcade games of my childhood - the glorious 1986 Out Run by Sega. I too have lost tons of pocket money trying to beat the #1 record set by some mysterious local kid but I never really made it (I was either a shitty player or didn't carry around enough cash for coins). Anyway - for those who didn't play it or have a vague memory: Out Run was and still is considered to be one of the breaking points in arcade game history. It had supreme, smooth fake 3D graphics and a great FPS so you could actually feel the speed. It had a killer soundtrack with a revolutionary twist: you could choose a song you wanted to listen while driving (a concept obviously taken for the GTA series years later). Now, today this sounds like blah, but at that time - this was really, really important and really, really awesome + this was not the only choice a player could make. While driving through luxurious, detailed European scenery, you could choose different paths at predefined crossroads. Some paths were difficult while some were easier - this is the first time players could slightly feel "freedom of choice" which is mostly why this game is so praised (also, the blond in the Ferrari Testarossa added some pluses)."At least part of Out Run's huge success was down to it capturing the fun-yet-superficial spirit of the 1980s. Previous racing games had concentrated on the more serious side of racing, with the action usually taking place in a Formula One racing car, over a series of competent but uninspiring racing tracks. Out Run was different; in a decade that celebrated style over content, the game offered players the ultimate boy racer experience by putting them behind the wheel of that eighties icon of cool, a red Ferrari Testarossa; replete with a 'blonde bimbo' in the passenger seat."

Why no Testarossa?

I know someone who knows the subject would ask so I am answering in advance: I didn't post Kavinsky's Testarossa track in this selection because I posted it already in one of my
worst compilations so instead I inserted a goofy intro from the EP that really sits well here. Many critics (including the obnoxious Pitchfork sponges that dismissed the 1986 EP because it wasn't trendy and indie enough) have completely missed to notice that a few of Kavinsky's tracks are a goddamn DIRECT HOMAGE to this very game. Ok, the entire EP is not great but just the fact that at a time when everybody was farting in torture of being the indiest band on Pitchfork's homepage, a nerdy French dude was having lots of fun producing romantic Miami Vice/Out Run music makes me say YES! I go with the nerdy French dude.In general
The kitschy selection is a mix of early italo-disco tunes, a few romantic Moog moments and some fresher songs heavily influenced by 80's sound. Many of tracks are (or were) very popular club hits at some point but got lost or were simply to stupid & too 80's to last long. Since most of the older tracks were of really shabby quality I had to unskillfully "remaster" them ha HA! I used a VST plugin called Izotope Ozone which I highly recommend (can be easily found). Since I am quite unfamiliar with mastering I just browsed through a ton of presets and chose the ones I though sounded the best?! This is my first time in using shit like this and I hope your ears don't suffer too much.

Enjoy and I will see you in October - I am taking a sunny vacation in Lisbon::::-)

01 James Saunders - Launch Control (1981)
02 Patrick Cowley - Sea Hunt (1982) 256
03 Trevor Bastow - Light Industrial Motion (1980)
04 Alden Tyrell - Rendez Vous At Rimini (2006)
05 Claudio Mingardi - Star (Instrumental) (1984)
06 Alden Tyrell - Mindless (2006)
07 FPU - Crockett's Theme (FPU Original Mix) (2002)
08 Yello - Hawaiian Chance (1987)
09 Kavinsky - Flashback
10 Alan Hawkshaw - Technicolour (1981)
11 Mark Shreeve - City Of Angels (1989)
12 Roland Bocquet - Epsilove (1982)
13 Droids - Be Happy (1978)
14 Aavikko - Syntaksis (2009)
15 Rockets - Future Game (1982)
16 Morgan Geist - Palace Life (2008)
17 Mux Mool - Death 9000 (2010)
18 Sebastien Leger - Saturn (2007)
19 Astral Sounds - Velvet Mousetrap (1982)
20 Colossus - Raga (1978)
21 Hard Ton - Flawless (Tobias Bernstrup Italo Remix) (2010)



Feq'wah said...

Ah, that's the game, yeah played it a lot, but didn't spend to many coins on this one, 'cause there was a pc-version of it in the early nineties :)
I'll have a listen to what you did with the Ozone plug-in :)

Panda Stuffer said...

You should definitely try using it, can do some serious whooping to a song just go through the presets. I noticed that A LOT of new minimal techno, house etc... releases are just being mastered by artists themselves with ozone (they save money that way I guess)... 90% of it sounds generic but as any plugin the more you play with it the better it gets.

djjohn said...

hihi I was just about to ask bout the kavinsky testarossa song hihi and you beat me to it.

HMPZ said...

After skipping through your very interesting blog today (you're doing a wonderful job with your short introductions to each record, by the way !) I am looking forward to get to know the music of Hossam Ramzy, Super_Collider, Magma, Howlin'Wolf and Black Devil. So thank you very much for sharing these records with the world !

Panda Stuffer said...

Thanks HMPZ for the support, dig through the archives you should find more stuff like that:)


eshaman said...

another killer compilation that is going to be getting high rotation this summer! You're dead right about Ozone too, it's a must have.

Panda Stuffer said...

Thanks eashaman, yeah Ozone is a killer.

iBeat said...

Yeah....this blog is dope. You just got yourself another fan. Keep up the sexcellent work!

synthemesc said...

"cannot create V.A. Out Run Arcade Game Alternative Soundtrack (2010) tracks 3, 5, 7 and 21. the system cannot find the path specified."

any chance to fix this? checking the tunes out... thanks.

Panda Stuffer said...

Hey synthemesc, just downloaded it and it works. Try downloading it again maybe it got messed up somehow?! Dunno, works for me:)

Cheers and thanks for checking it out.

Arq. Nuno said...

Nice time-warp back into the 80s Spektrum\Atari days.
Thanx for the plugin tip, one of this days when I have patience I will use it on some of my pre-historic old K7 games.

ps- What did you think of Lisbon? September is an ok month to visit, not as hot as August (hellish heat), but June is the best month, where you watch the St. Antonio festivities(sardine n beer extravaganza) that are wild for the young ones, and fun for semi-sober proper families as well.

Anonymous said...

great blog you got here. i remember loving the f-zero sounds growing up as a kid

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