Friday, June 3, 2011

V.A. True Horrors Vol. 02 (2011)

ALBUM`````True Horrors Vol.02
Electro, Minimal Wave, Ambient, Experimental, No-Wave, Odd Shit

A Bleeding Panda Blog Guest Compilation by Bagheera Münchgstettner

A perfect, twisted and scary sequel to Bagheera Münchgstettner's True Horrors Vol.01.

This is a much more skilled, precise and organised selection of dark, cold synth tracks than on the previous comp. A few scattered oddities and classics give color to this emotional wasteland but overall - there is a prevailing feeling of doom.

A deep, dark mixture of unique and very memorable tracks (some very rare) that should be all listened as a whole. A definite standout is the Yabboq Penuel's 1.05 - I only wish it was twice as long.

This selection is definitely not for everybody as it takes away a lot of attention in it's uncompromising coldness and oddness - but that's why it's interesting and exotic at the same time.

01 Teddy Lasry - Workmen Choir (1981)
02 Florenza Mavelli - March Of The Soviets (2009)
03 A Blaze Colour - An Addict of Time (1982)
04 Hadamard - Take Me Away (2007)
05 Keen K & P Muench - The Spiral (Polygamy Boys Pain Mix) (2009)
06 Rechenzentrum - IBM (2001)
07 Phuture - Your Only Friend (1987)
08 Rebolledo feat. Matias Aguayo - Pitaya frenesi (Vocal) (2009)
09 Yabboq Penuel - 1.05 (2009)
10 Dark Day - Arp's Carpet (1980)
11 Bene Gesserit - Mickey, Please (2006)
12 Adriano Canzian - You Excites Me So Much (2005)
13 Beta Evers - Paralyzed (2008)
14 Soft Cell - Frustration (1980)
15 Skinny Puppy - The Pit (1984)
16 Zeebee - Pain & Pleasure (2004)
17 Dokaka - Since I've Been Loving You (Led Zeppelin) (2004)

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Miko said...

Hi love this! Thanks from Tokyo!

Anonymous said...

can I buy this on vinyl somewhere please?

Panda Stuffer said...

No it's a guest compilation for this blog - digital only.

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