Friday, November 9, 2012

V.A. Soundtrack For Naked Runners Vol. 02 (2012)

ARTIST: Various
ALBUM: V.A. Soundtrack For Naked Runners Vol. 02
GENRES: Psychedelic Rock, Pop, Indie, Funk, Cumbia, World, Disco
YEAR: 2012
A New Bleeding Panda Compilation!

Hey guys:) Thank you so so much for all the love and support. I still can't totally give up on sharing music I adore so here it is - a sequel to my most popular comp - Naked Runners

Compared to the first one it has much less funk and jazz but more psych and covers more countries. It was impossible to follow the first volume as it was made a whiiile back so I sat down and made it from scratch, without trying to continue the same story. Two of my favorite songs are on this volume - the spectacularly surreal and positive Angelo Branduardi's The Song of Eternal Numbers (please read these beautiful absurd lyrics while listening the song) and my officially favorite instrumental - the gorgeous Grace Jones La Vie En Rose Instrumental.

It was a huge pleasure making this one as each of these songs is a fragment of something I've been listening for the past 3 years. There is a possibility that I make more comps and if I do they will all follow this logic - I will not post new, trendy music but try to compile music that I really wanted to post on the blog over the years.

I do hope you will enjoy this selection and be sure to come back and comment - I wan't your opinions:) Also, upload it yourselves if you will I don't care, just share it if you like it. I will try and upload it on more services.

01 Hawkwind - Kadu Flyer (1976)
02 Jacqueline Taieb - Le Couer Au Bout Des Doigts (1968)
03 ingenting - Mamma, Jag Har Gjort Sa (2004)
04 Les Gypsys - Proletaire (1967)
05 Los Mirlos  - Muchachita Del Oriente (2007)
06 Mikis Theodorakis - On The Streets (1973)
07 Jean Claude Vannier - Le Roi Des Mouches (1972)
08 Jesus 'Sixto' Rodriguez - Can't Get Away (1971)
09 Juaneco Y Su Combo - Me Robaron Mi Runa Mula (1970)
10 Nicos Jaritz - Otao E Eu (1996)
11 Madeleine Chartrand - Ani-Kun (1973)
12 Paul Mauriat - Love Is Blue (1967)
13 The Universal Robot Band - Disco Trek (1978)
14 Cameo - Find My Way (1979)
15 Electric Light Orchestra - Boy Blue (1974)
16 Christian Bruhn - Katastrophe (Space-Kudu Re-Edit) (2004)
17 Amon Dull II - Kismet (Cut Version) (1978)
18 Angelo Branduardi - The Song of Eternal Numbers (1978)
19 Harper's Bizarre - Witchi Tai To (1969)
20 Grace Jones - La Vie En Rose Instrumental (1977)
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