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Frank Fairfield - Frank Fairfield (2009)

ARTIST`````Frank Fairfield
ALBUM`````Frank Fairfield
Neo Traditional Folk

Written by Rob Fitzpatrick
Fairfield is a hardcore digger, someone who travels the swap-meets, thrift stores and junk shops across the country with a battery-powered record player, pulling out anything he considers remotely interesting looking, in particular, what he describes as "the stuff no one knows about". These are the test-pressings, spoken-word pieces, comedy routines and records by performers like Edward M Favor, Charlie Poole, Fiddlin' John Carson and the Coffer Brothers, who were usually passed over by the early 78 collectors, who focused almost entirely on blues and jazz.

Thoughts and Reviews
From New York Times:
If you’re an American musician and want to claim lineage to Blind Blake or Uncle Dave Macon and perform as if not much happened after 1940, nothing’s stopping you. That’s what artifice is for. If you’re good enough, everything else falls into place.

From Clayton Kelly Walter:
...Another comment that really gets me is, “They/he/she sound/s just like they were ripped right out of a 78 R.P.M. record!” Well, anybody that’s reading the reviews on the wonderful Hearth Music blog probably has a cd(or twelve) of 78 R.P.M. transcriptions, so you tell me…is there, if you were alone and free to admit it unpunished, one such band that you can think of? I suspect not.The only musician today that I now feel accomplishes this in full is Frank Fairfield. His self-titled cd on the Tompkins Square label is the rarest of the rare; a new old time album that sounds profoundly old time. His guitar picking, his fiddling, his banjo playing, his singing…all are so genuine and so rustic, so raw and so…real. I had to stop everything that I was doing and sit, and stare, and listen.

Frank Fairfield starts new label, releases rare gramophone recordings compilation

01 Nine Pound Hammer
02 Call Me a Dog When I'm Gone
03 The Blackberry Blossoms
04 Cumberland Gap
05 The Dying Cowboy
06 John Hardy
07 To the Sweet Sunny South
08 The Train that Took My Girl from
09 Hesitating Blues
10 Fair Margaret and Sweet William
11 Old Paint


Kyle Bobby Dunn - Rural Route No. 2 EP (2010)

ARTIST`````Kyle Bobby Dunn
ALBUM`````Rural Route No. 2 EP
Drone, Ambient, Minimal

Dunn is a 21st century composer and performer living in Brooklyn, New York.He has premiered his highly specialized works in live settings, including exclusive outdoor and site specific environments, throughout North America for nearly a decade.

An excellent drone/ambient EP from an underground Brooklyn based artist - sounds like something you could hear at a MOCA exhibit. Dissonant Distances is a rather dramatic collage of pulsating claustrophobic pressure with a lot of varied textures which is rare in this genre. Around 5 mins into this lush soundscape you can even hear really faint distorted vocals singing a spooky "pop" tune - a tiny detail that many Stars Of The Lid songs are missing if you ask me. Senium III is a sublime "getaway" into a sun-soaked, floating state where everything sounds safe and warm. The production here bears the most value since there is little or no bass so the song sounds like a forgotten vintage record - almost all drone artists today try to fill in the bass just to make the sound more fat and therefore always end up with a generic sounding record. My fav track from this artist.
The bad thing is that the whole experience is very, very short - just 20 minutes. I can imagine it lasting for at least 40 mins but since it was released on a 3" CD - it's understandable.

Myspace Standard Form


01 Dissonant Distances
02 Senium III

Monday, August 30, 2010

Hossam Ramzy - Sabla Tolo Vol. 2 Further Journeys Into Pure Egyptian Percussion (2003)

ARTIST`````Hossam Ramzy
ALBUM`````Sabla Tolo Vol. 2 Further Journeys Into Pure Egyptian Percussion
Africa, Instrumental, World

Hossam Ramzy is an Egyptian professional percussionist, composer and music arranger. Hossam Ramzy's friends call him "The Egyptian Rhythm Ambassador". He recorded his first solo album, An Introduction To Egyptian Dance Rhythms in 1987. This album was a break from his career as one of the most sought-after session percussionists of his generation. His CV at the time read like a who’s who of '80s music - Boy George, Marc Almond, Peter Gabriel and Killing Joke were just a few of his clients. After achieving this success, Ramzy decided to look deeply at his own musical roots. He said that his intention was "to record, document, enhance and contribute to the rhythms and compositions of a musical and dance culture that was slowly being eroded by the desire for progress, modernisation and superficial Westernisation". Ramzy was convinced that a vital musical and cultural tradition and heritage would be lost if many of the compositions that he knew and loved so deeply were not recorded for future generations. He recorded 22 CDs from 1987 to 2007.



01 Wana Be-ied Annak (When I am not Near You)
02 Harrira & Basboosa
03 My Brazilian Pearl
04 El Esma Wel Ma-soom (Our Fate)
05 Amar El Sahara (The Moon of the Sahara)
06 Wady Samba Ala El Malfuf (Samba over Malfuf)
07 Halloween
08 Oyoun El Fallaha (The Eyes of a Fallaha)
09 Ya Gama-a (Calling all the Group)
10 Hawary Al Qahira (The Back Streets of Cairo)
11 La' Bel Hadawa (No, Cool and Gently, Please)
12 Ya Sha-eyya (You Naughty, Playful Girl)
13 Rakataka

Sir Victor Uwaifo and his Titibitis of Africa - Jackpot (1981)

ARTIST`````Sir Victor Uwaifo and his Titibitis of Africa
African, Joromi, Highlife, World

Sir Victor Uwaifo is a Nigerian musician, writer, sculptor, and musical instrument inventor, born in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria in 1941. He is famous for his joromi music. His song Joromi has legendary status among his fans and his performances are characterized by his ability to play the guitar with both his feet and also his tongue. Uwaifo made history in Nigeria when he won the first Golden record in Nigeria, West Africa and Africa (presented by Philips, West Africa) for his song "Joromi" in 1996.

01 Iranm' iran
02 Ovbialeke bolozo
03 Ewere noyoyo
04 Kpomokpa nagan bie
05 Ogiobo
06 Sakpaide special

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Neil - Neil's Heavy Concept Album (Nigel Planer 1984)

ARTIST`````Neil / Nigel Planer
Neil's Heavy Concept Album
Comedy, Parody, Spoken

Nigel Planer (vocals) revives "Neil" from the short-lived yet highly influential BBC-TV program The Young Ones on Neil's Heavy Concept Album (1984). Although the show was set in the 1980s, Neil's lifestyle centers around the mid- to late-'60s hippie culture, an exceedingly antiquated notion directly contrasting his ultra-mod housemates. This explains the inclusion of the fairly wide selection of psychedelic and progressive nuggets amidst the spoken links and occasional originals. The idea for the long-player stemmed from his version of Traffic's early side "Hole in My Shoe" -- which came out as a single. When Planer appeared in character to promote it on BBC 2's Top of the Pops, he lost his footing, resulting in the backdrop falling apart and causing general mayhem on live television. The tune is given a lighthearted romp with notable session musician Rick Biddulph (guitar) working in phrases of the Beatles' "Strawberry Fields Forever" during the waning moments. Other fun covers are Tomorrow's "My White Bicycle," Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd on "The Gnome," Donovan's "Hurdy Gurdy Man," and "The Amoeba Song," aka the Incredible String Band's "A Very Cellular Song." Caravan's "Golf Girl" is worth additional mention, as it features a cameo voice-over from Dawn French -- half of the comedy team French & Saunders -- as (of all things) a policewoman. Instrumentally, Planer is supported by an all-star cast that includes Dave Stewart (keyboards/bass/drum/guitar), Barbara Gaskin (backing vocals), Pip Pyle (drums), Jakko M. Jakszyk (guitars), and jazz heavy Annie Whitehead (trombone), as well as Jimmy Hastings, who at one time was a primary contributor to the aforementioned prog rock outfit Caravan. "Lentil Nightmare" is a tremendously amusing Planer-penned composition that, among other things, quotes "In the Court of the Crimson King" by King Crimson amidst the proto-heavy progressive metal madness. The connecting bits of dialogue provide an outlet for Planer's quirky and earthy humor. Also of note is "Neil the Barbarian," a parody of a movie advert where Neil -- a strict vegan -- eats a hamburger, which transforms him into this superhero-type character. All said, Neil's Heavy Concept Album is thoroughly entertaining and recommended for inclined parties.

"Hello Vegetables" – :26
"Hole In My Shoe" – 3:40
"Heavy Potato Encounter" – :42
"My White Bicycle" – 3:31
"Neil the Barbarian" – 1:12 (narrated by Nigel Planer's brother Roger Planer)
"Lentil Nightmare" – 5:47
"Computer Alarm" – :36
"Wayne" – 1:36
"The Gnome" – 2:29
"Cosmic Jam" – 2:26
"Golf Girl" – 4:40 (featuring Dawn French as a not-so-nice fairy godmother)
"Bad Karma in the UK" – 2:17
"Our Tune" – 1:13
"Ken" – :41
"The End of the World Cabaret" – 1:09
"No Future (God Save the Queen)" – 2:12
"Floating" – 1:39
"Hurdy Gurdy Man" – 3:46
"Paranoid Remix" – 1:59
"The Amoeba Song (From 'A Very Cellular Song')" – 1:19

Friday, August 27, 2010

Frank Bretschneider - Rhythm (2007)

ARTIST`````Frank Bretschneider
True Minimal, "Funk", Glitch

Despite having been involved with all the highbrow minimal labels you can think of (Raster Noton, 12k and Mille Plateaux among others), Frank Bretschneider's pioneering use of pristine bass tones and clipped snares has as much in common with the careful machinations of Minimal techno, Hip Hop and Dubstep as it does with the undulating explorations of installation-based sound design. Of all the founding members of the Raster mothership Bretschneider has possessed the most populist agenda and some would argue that because of this his music is amongst the label's most influential. Incredibly, "Rhythm" is Bretschneider's first album since 2002's "Balance" collaboration with Taylor Deupree for Mille Plataeux and represents his most developed, full-bodied set of tracks to date.

Rhythm on Boomkat
Rhythm on Dusted Magazine

01 A Soft Throbbing Of Time
02 The Big Black And White Game
03 We Can Remember It For You Wholesale
04 The Eight Day People
05 Other Days, Other Eyes
06 Construction Shack
07 The Moon Is A Hole In The Sky
08 All Summer In A Day
09 The October Game

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