Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kyle Bobby Dunn - Rural Route No. 2 EP (2010)

ARTIST`````Kyle Bobby Dunn
ALBUM`````Rural Route No. 2 EP
Drone, Ambient, Minimal

Dunn is a 21st century composer and performer living in Brooklyn, New York.He has premiered his highly specialized works in live settings, including exclusive outdoor and site specific environments, throughout North America for nearly a decade.

An excellent drone/ambient EP from an underground Brooklyn based artist - sounds like something you could hear at a MOCA exhibit. Dissonant Distances is a rather dramatic collage of pulsating claustrophobic pressure with a lot of varied textures which is rare in this genre. Around 5 mins into this lush soundscape you can even hear really faint distorted vocals singing a spooky "pop" tune - a tiny detail that many Stars Of The Lid songs are missing if you ask me. Senium III is a sublime "getaway" into a sun-soaked, floating state where everything sounds safe and warm. The production here bears the most value since there is little or no bass so the song sounds like a forgotten vintage record - almost all drone artists today try to fill in the bass just to make the sound more fat and therefore always end up with a generic sounding record. My fav track from this artist.
The bad thing is that the whole experience is very, very short - just 20 minutes. I can imagine it lasting for at least 40 mins but since it was released on a 3" CD - it's understandable.

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01 Dissonant Distances
02 Senium III

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