Friday, August 27, 2010

Frank Bretschneider - Rhythm (2007)

ARTIST`````Frank Bretschneider
True Minimal, "Funk", Glitch

Despite having been involved with all the highbrow minimal labels you can think of (Raster Noton, 12k and Mille Plateaux among others), Frank Bretschneider's pioneering use of pristine bass tones and clipped snares has as much in common with the careful machinations of Minimal techno, Hip Hop and Dubstep as it does with the undulating explorations of installation-based sound design. Of all the founding members of the Raster mothership Bretschneider has possessed the most populist agenda and some would argue that because of this his music is amongst the label's most influential. Incredibly, "Rhythm" is Bretschneider's first album since 2002's "Balance" collaboration with Taylor Deupree for Mille Plataeux and represents his most developed, full-bodied set of tracks to date.

Rhythm on Boomkat
Rhythm on Dusted Magazine

01 A Soft Throbbing Of Time
02 The Big Black And White Game
03 We Can Remember It For You Wholesale
04 The Eight Day People
05 Other Days, Other Eyes
06 Construction Shack
07 The Moon Is A Hole In The Sky
08 All Summer In A Day
09 The October Game

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