Friday, August 27, 2010

V.A. Shitmat Presents... The Rolf Harris Mashup CD (2006)

Shitmat Presents... The Rolf Harris Mashup CD
Mashup, Breakcore, Experimental

From Resident Advisor:
A joint Australia/UK release - tributes to Rolf Harris collected by Shitmat over a period of 3 years, then selected by native Australians Rank Sinatra and Toecutter for this CD release.

01. chezny hawks - rolf wank track
02. vomit - rolf has beans
03. toecutter - I milk myself (Kelis Milkshake Cover)
04. thomas griffin - rolf1
05. whigrolf - satisfying night
06. kid 001 - harris hardcore
07. turddavid - canibal rolfmeister
08. wayne and trevor the fat kunts - stick it in
09. pigsy - how to finger a rolfaroo
10. 7U? - rolfpie and a coldie with Rodney
11. raelf - crap in your coffee
12. junglie sammie - king harris is now in charge of the 303
13. pidgin - rolf sexy party
14. v/vm - you lovely beast
15. ??? - if I were a rich man
16. chevvers - tie me kangaroo
17. alan tit mash - rolf harasses (your body)
18. droon - wobbly wounded
19. ?? - the cunt came back
20. gabba the slut - mixed rolf salad in a poo poo vinegrette
21. xahdrez - two little boys died
22. fred mcgriff - rolf harris got punched in the garbage
23. ed dead - two little boys at the pet cemetery
24. minikomi - needs to come up with a shorter title
25. ergo fitz - rolfharrisdoowah
26. kragle - sex drugs and rolfy and the woman hes mating
27. EOD - rabies rolf
28. head on hellen - indian pissfuck
29. des and mel regime - lets do it
30. scatman harris - shit on me
31. no effort mcgraw - I love ebay
32. dj shitmat - rolfmp3mashupmegamix


Jupiter said...

Shit, amazing tunes here - you really got a relaxed style, everything is just not-pretentious like other blogz out there. also, google really loves you since you were like the first place on some totaly different albums I searched and on some I didn't even add mediafire or blogspot to narrow the search. how many of you are working on this?

Panda Stuffer said...

THanks Jupiter (my fav planet hehe) - well there is just me here:)

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