Monday, August 30, 2010

Hossam Ramzy - Sabla Tolo Vol. 2 Further Journeys Into Pure Egyptian Percussion (2003)

ARTIST`````Hossam Ramzy
ALBUM`````Sabla Tolo Vol. 2 Further Journeys Into Pure Egyptian Percussion
Africa, Instrumental, World

Hossam Ramzy is an Egyptian professional percussionist, composer and music arranger. Hossam Ramzy's friends call him "The Egyptian Rhythm Ambassador". He recorded his first solo album, An Introduction To Egyptian Dance Rhythms in 1987. This album was a break from his career as one of the most sought-after session percussionists of his generation. His CV at the time read like a who’s who of '80s music - Boy George, Marc Almond, Peter Gabriel and Killing Joke were just a few of his clients. After achieving this success, Ramzy decided to look deeply at his own musical roots. He said that his intention was "to record, document, enhance and contribute to the rhythms and compositions of a musical and dance culture that was slowly being eroded by the desire for progress, modernisation and superficial Westernisation". Ramzy was convinced that a vital musical and cultural tradition and heritage would be lost if many of the compositions that he knew and loved so deeply were not recorded for future generations. He recorded 22 CDs from 1987 to 2007.



01 Wana Be-ied Annak (When I am not Near You)
02 Harrira & Basboosa
03 My Brazilian Pearl
04 El Esma Wel Ma-soom (Our Fate)
05 Amar El Sahara (The Moon of the Sahara)
06 Wady Samba Ala El Malfuf (Samba over Malfuf)
07 Halloween
08 Oyoun El Fallaha (The Eyes of a Fallaha)
09 Ya Gama-a (Calling all the Group)
10 Hawary Al Qahira (The Back Streets of Cairo)
11 La' Bel Hadawa (No, Cool and Gently, Please)
12 Ya Sha-eyya (You Naughty, Playful Girl)
13 Rakataka

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