Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Frank Fairfield - Frank Fairfield (2009)

ARTIST`````Frank Fairfield
ALBUM`````Frank Fairfield
Neo Traditional Folk

Written by Rob Fitzpatrick
Fairfield is a hardcore digger, someone who travels the swap-meets, thrift stores and junk shops across the country with a battery-powered record player, pulling out anything he considers remotely interesting looking, in particular, what he describes as "the stuff no one knows about". These are the test-pressings, spoken-word pieces, comedy routines and records by performers like Edward M Favor, Charlie Poole, Fiddlin' John Carson and the Coffer Brothers, who were usually passed over by the early 78 collectors, who focused almost entirely on blues and jazz.

Thoughts and Reviews
From New York Times:
If you’re an American musician and want to claim lineage to Blind Blake or Uncle Dave Macon and perform as if not much happened after 1940, nothing’s stopping you. That’s what artifice is for. If you’re good enough, everything else falls into place.

From Clayton Kelly Walter:
...Another comment that really gets me is, “They/he/she sound/s just like they were ripped right out of a 78 R.P.M. record!” Well, anybody that’s reading the reviews on the wonderful Hearth Music blog probably has a cd(or twelve) of 78 R.P.M. transcriptions, so you tell me…is there, if you were alone and free to admit it unpunished, one such band that you can think of? I suspect not.The only musician today that I now feel accomplishes this in full is Frank Fairfield. His self-titled cd on the Tompkins Square label is the rarest of the rare; a new old time album that sounds profoundly old time. His guitar picking, his fiddling, his banjo playing, his singing…all are so genuine and so rustic, so raw and so…real. I had to stop everything that I was doing and sit, and stare, and listen.

Frank Fairfield starts new label, releases rare gramophone recordings compilation

01 Nine Pound Hammer
02 Call Me a Dog When I'm Gone
03 The Blackberry Blossoms
04 Cumberland Gap
05 The Dying Cowboy
06 John Hardy
07 To the Sweet Sunny South
08 The Train that Took My Girl from
09 Hesitating Blues
10 Fair Margaret and Sweet William
11 Old Paint



Anonymous said...

thanks! been looking for his music forever! saw him open for bob log a while ago and he ripped.

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