Sunday, November 27, 2011

V.A. On The Other End Of The Fog (2011)

ALBUM`````On The Other End Of The Fog
GENRE`````Pop, Indie, Oldies, Folk, 


A Bleeding Panda Compilation!

Finally a new Bleeding Panda Compilation. This one is for my one and only <3 
Perfect for this shady November weather. 

01 Quartetto Cetra - Brivido Blu (1958)
02 Amen Dunes - Swim Up Behind Me (2011)
03 Little Anthony & The Imperials - Tears On My Pillow (1958)
04 Emilio Pericoli - Ultime Foglie (1962)
05 The Fred Berlipp Orchestra - Love Without Shadow (1972)
06 Yellow Magic Orchestra - Shadows On The Ground (1983)
07 Thomas Dolby - Airwaves (1982)
08 Reneé Claude - La Bagumane (2010)
09 Mikis Theodorakis - Asma Asmaton - Song Of Songs (1981)
10 The Moody Blues - Nights In White Satin Cover
11 Electrelane - The Invisible Dog (2001)
12 Kollaa Kestaa - Tahtien Rauha (1978)
13 Lee Hazlewood - Your Sweet Love (1966)
14 Tindersticks - Rumba (2011)
15 Art Of Noise - Love (1986)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Dj Deeon - Let Me Bang (2003)

ARTIST`````Dj Deeon
ALBUM`````Let Me Bang
GENRE`````Ghetotech, Tech, House, Fuck Yeah Party, Underground
From me:

Damn this is some fun raw tech stuff.

Though he's revered among Chicago DJs and around the world as the original master of ghetto dance music, Deeon started small, on Chicago's south side. He sold his DJ mixtapes in the parking lot where he lived, and played house parties in the projects.These crowded living room parties started the feeling and inspiration for the sound Deeon produced, music he simply refers to as, "for the strippers, for the street".While tracks like "Accelerate" on Dance Mania were doing well overseas, he was getting little support or play from local Chicago clubs. Deeon calls ghetto house the "stepchild of Chicago house". Eventually the incredible response from his music forced the clubs to concede and play his records.These "techno with a ghetto edge" tracks have found way to the decks in clubs around the world. Deeon found his home on Chicago's own Dance Mania label, where he released hits like "Let Me Bang", "Who You Wit", "Da Dick Suck" and "The Freaks".Deeon is currently signed to Databass Records, which is rereleasing most of his back catalog with new remixes.

Here's an interview with DJ Deeon:

Here's a bonus track Da Dick Suk

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Woima Collective - Tezeta (2010)

ARTIST`````Woima Collective
Jazz, Funk,

Infectious album of Ethiopian and Afro-jazz inspired grooves from members of lauded German funk unit Poets Of Rhythm. 'Tezeta' came about after group leader and tenor sax player Johannes Schleiermacher was smitten with the sounds he soaked up on trips to Morocco and the feelings of celebration and healing in Gnawan trance performances. Further meetings with the legendary Ethio-jazz master, Mulatu Astatke, prompted him to set up a ten piece unit and after a three day rehearsal and a pair of two day recording session, this album was created. The result is brilliantly diverse album, ranging from fiery funk arrangements akin to the Heliocentrics, to super-cool and dubby workouts imbued with a skilled freedom and sublime groove which will surely impress any fans of the Ethiopiques series.


Also you can get my compilation BLEEDING ETHIOPIA.
And get the magnificent classic ETHIO JAZZ AND MUSIQUE INSTRUMENTALE 1969-1974

Monday, August 15, 2011

V.A. Future Space Travellers Vol. 1 by takexmexhome (2011)


ALBUM`````V.A. Future Space Travellers Vol. 1
GENRE`````Space Disco, Italo, Soundtrack, Progressive, Kitsch, House, Electro,


A Guest Compilation by takexmexhome
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A spectacular 31 track long odyssey into the farthest corners of the cosmos. This sexy, sleazy selection is just chock-full with much loved classics, forgotten gems and fresh, new discoveries. This is a must have.

TRACKLIST:01 Raymond Lefèvre - Rencontre Du Quatrième Type (1979)
02 Jeff Wayne - The Eve Of The War (1978)
03 Cerrone - In The Smoke (1977)
04 Tim Blake - Lighthouse (1978)
05 Logic System - Unit (1981)
06 Charlie - Spacer Woman (1983)
07 Bamboo - Spaceship Crashing (1979)
08 Chilly - Dance With Me (1978)
09 Arik Rudich - Sattalla 2 (edit) (1981)
10 Paul Brookes - Steps From Beyond (Part 1 Edit) (1978)
11 Albion - Space Time Continuum (2009)
12 Kébekélektrik - Mirage (1977)
13 Who's Who - Hypnodance (1979)
14 Pluton & The Humanoids - World Invaders (1981)
15 Loud-E - Boutique (2008)
16 Sauveur Mallia - Robot Avenue (1980)
17 Mistral - Starship 109 (1978)
18 The Seebach Band - Bubble Sex (1977)
19 Newcleus - Destination Earth (1999) (1984)
20 Ganymed - Future World (1979)
21 Mito - Droid (1982)
22 Kasso - Key West (1981)
23 The Twins - In The Year 2525 (1982)
24 Script - UFO's Fly Again (1979)
25 Chris Craft - Casablanca Is Alright For Dancing Tonight (1978)
26 Change - The End (1980)
27 Daft Punk - Veridis Quo (2001)
28 Wolfgang Riechmann - Wunderbar (1978)
29 Moon Birds - Net Work (1978)
30 Space - Ballad For Space Lovers (1977)
31 Moon Birds - Interlude (1977)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Ernst Reijseger - Requiem For A Dying Planet (2006)

ARTIST`````Ernst Reijseger
ALBUM`````Requiem For A Dying Planet, Sounds For Two Films By Werner Herzog - The Wild Blue Yonder - The White Diamond
Classical, Electronic, Folk, World, & Country, Stage & Screen

Recognized for his efforts with jazz drummer Gerry Hemingway, as well as numerous other roles as a session man and leader, Dutch cellist Ernst Reijseger is also known for his avant/classical/world music proclivities. Requiem For A Dying Planet was brought about when German filmmaker Werner Herzog approached Winter & Winter record label chief Stefan Winter to find "some very personal music for two documentaries, The Wild Blue Yonder and The White Diamonds.

Regardless of taste, preference or attitude, this is a curiously interesting progression of musical frameworks, setting forth notions of divine contemplation prior to a doomsday-like event.

Friday, June 3, 2011

V.A. True Horrors Vol. 02 (2011)

ALBUM`````True Horrors Vol.02
Electro, Minimal Wave, Ambient, Experimental, No-Wave, Odd Shit

A Bleeding Panda Blog Guest Compilation by Bagheera Münchgstettner

A perfect, twisted and scary sequel to Bagheera Münchgstettner's True Horrors Vol.01.

This is a much more skilled, precise and organised selection of dark, cold synth tracks than on the previous comp. A few scattered oddities and classics give color to this emotional wasteland but overall - there is a prevailing feeling of doom.

A deep, dark mixture of unique and very memorable tracks (some very rare) that should be all listened as a whole. A definite standout is the Yabboq Penuel's 1.05 - I only wish it was twice as long.

This selection is definitely not for everybody as it takes away a lot of attention in it's uncompromising coldness and oddness - but that's why it's interesting and exotic at the same time.

01 Teddy Lasry - Workmen Choir (1981)
02 Florenza Mavelli - March Of The Soviets (2009)
03 A Blaze Colour - An Addict of Time (1982)
04 Hadamard - Take Me Away (2007)
05 Keen K & P Muench - The Spiral (Polygamy Boys Pain Mix) (2009)
06 Rechenzentrum - IBM (2001)
07 Phuture - Your Only Friend (1987)
08 Rebolledo feat. Matias Aguayo - Pitaya frenesi (Vocal) (2009)
09 Yabboq Penuel - 1.05 (2009)
10 Dark Day - Arp's Carpet (1980)
11 Bene Gesserit - Mickey, Please (2006)
12 Adriano Canzian - You Excites Me So Much (2005)
13 Beta Evers - Paralyzed (2008)
14 Soft Cell - Frustration (1980)
15 Skinny Puppy - The Pit (1984)
16 Zeebee - Pain & Pleasure (2004)
17 Dokaka - Since I've Been Loving You (Led Zeppelin) (2004)

Check Bagheera's Myspace & Behance profiles.
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