Monday, October 17, 2011

Dj Deeon - Let Me Bang (2003)

ARTIST`````Dj Deeon
ALBUM`````Let Me Bang
GENRE`````Ghetotech, Tech, House, Fuck Yeah Party, Underground
From me:

Damn this is some fun raw tech stuff.

Though he's revered among Chicago DJs and around the world as the original master of ghetto dance music, Deeon started small, on Chicago's south side. He sold his DJ mixtapes in the parking lot where he lived, and played house parties in the projects.These crowded living room parties started the feeling and inspiration for the sound Deeon produced, music he simply refers to as, "for the strippers, for the street".While tracks like "Accelerate" on Dance Mania were doing well overseas, he was getting little support or play from local Chicago clubs. Deeon calls ghetto house the "stepchild of Chicago house". Eventually the incredible response from his music forced the clubs to concede and play his records.These "techno with a ghetto edge" tracks have found way to the decks in clubs around the world. Deeon found his home on Chicago's own Dance Mania label, where he released hits like "Let Me Bang", "Who You Wit", "Da Dick Suck" and "The Freaks".Deeon is currently signed to Databass Records, which is rereleasing most of his back catalog with new remixes.

Here's an interview with DJ Deeon:

Here's a bonus track Da Dick Suk

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Vretende Zebra said...

Heey Bleeding Panda!

Two things:
1. How about a Christmas Compilation for the cold winter days around the christmas tree?

2. Check out Deepchord Presents Echospace, especially Liumin Reduced. Mix of misty techno, with a bonus cd filled of the right ambient to drift off into space to.

Greetz & keep up the nice work!


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