Sunday, November 27, 2011

V.A. On The Other End Of The Fog (2011)

ALBUM`````On The Other End Of The Fog
GENRE`````Pop, Indie, Oldies, Folk, 


A Bleeding Panda Compilation!

Finally a new Bleeding Panda Compilation. This one is for my one and only <3 
Perfect for this shady November weather. 

01 Quartetto Cetra - Brivido Blu (1958)
02 Amen Dunes - Swim Up Behind Me (2011)
03 Little Anthony & The Imperials - Tears On My Pillow (1958)
04 Emilio Pericoli - Ultime Foglie (1962)
05 The Fred Berlipp Orchestra - Love Without Shadow (1972)
06 Yellow Magic Orchestra - Shadows On The Ground (1983)
07 Thomas Dolby - Airwaves (1982)
08 Reneé Claude - La Bagumane (2010)
09 Mikis Theodorakis - Asma Asmaton - Song Of Songs (1981)
10 The Moody Blues - Nights In White Satin Cover
11 Electrelane - The Invisible Dog (2001)
12 Kollaa Kestaa - Tahtien Rauha (1978)
13 Lee Hazlewood - Your Sweet Love (1966)
14 Tindersticks - Rumba (2011)
15 Art Of Noise - Love (1986)


mp said...

thanks again for another great compilation!

the cover of moody blues' song is a work by claude denjean (moog!, 1970)

bye ;)

Anonymous said...

grrrreat stuff. along with the cutest party, my favourite compilation.


Myles said...

just wanted to let you know about my new Treasure Hunt record, Seatec Astronomy.

It's one long piece split into ten different sections, meant to evoke a shamanistic ritual/festival

here's a link for download:

and my bandcamp:

I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to share it.

Anonymous said...

thnx again and again fur all the lovely sounds you've been bringin' over tha years.. it has been mucho appreciado... great taste great culture!!

cheers! (whatever happens in blogland :-( ......)

Charlescowper said...

id like to send you a link to my album. how can i do this?
for now i'll put it here. thanks xxx

Anonymous said...

thanks man,saludos from argentina

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