Friday, June 3, 2011

Junie Bezel - That's How Mess Get Started (2001)

ARTIST`````Junie Bezel
ALBUM`````That's How Mess Get Started
GENRE`````Rap, Underground, Local Rap, Hip Hop

No Info
I rarely listen to hip hop/rap and I probably know more about Mongolian folk but I liked this immediately + I have no idea where I got it from. There is basically nothing about this girl but I found some info about the label here: The Take Fo' Story.

Excerpt: Take Fo' Records is a little known (outside of New Orleans) music label that truly broke ground with its motley roster of artists and progressive attitude, yet it's never received adequate recognition for its pioneering role in music. Take Fo' welcomed gangstas but also ball busters, dancer-cum-rappers, party starters and probably the first openly gay rapper. Read the whole article here.

- I really love the way she just won't keep her mouth shut in more fast-paced tracks that are for me - the best ones. I have no idea what she is rappin about most of the time but the longer, faster and more irritating she does it - it just gets better and better. Add a lot of really sharp retro synth stabs pouring all over the place and you get some really choppy, hot, funky rhythms. The general attitude seems to be "we, over here, live like shit and we don't care" so I guess that may be one additional element why this obviously never got any coverage.


Anonymous said...

good fucking call mate!

Ben said...

Just finished reading Triksta by Nik Cohn, a journal of his adventures in New Orleans, accidently/on purpose becoming a local hip-hop producer. Junie is one of the rappers he had most faith in, although it never really worked out. Great book though, highly recommended. Buy it here

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