Friday, October 15, 2010

Rustie - Sunburst EP (2010)

Aquacrunk, Dubstep, Electronic


A prime protagonist within Glasgow’s Lucky Me clubland community, and rising solo force in his own right, Rustie reveals more of himself than ever before on this five-track EP, his debut release for Warp Records outside of compilation appearances. But while Sunburst presents a clearer picture of this young talent, its brevity is both blessing and curse. As a rounded primer it’s brilliant; but it leaves the listener immediately hungry for more.Having helped to establish something of a sub-genre, whatever it’s coolest to call it this week – aquacrunk was mooted but recently ridiculed through Twitter by a stateside fraternity led by Flying Lotus; wonky has stuck to an extent but feels a little too sell-short for music of far greater complexity than such a catchall conveys – Rustie’s modus operandi is a fairly unique one. Fellow Lucky Me player Hudson Mohawke has enjoyed a modicum of success with his take on the style, effectively a mutation of dubstep with emphasis on fractured party beats over those painting a dark picture of late-night paranoia, but his long-player of last year, Butter, was perhaps a little too scattershot for its own good. By focusing exclusively on traits that have benefitted him thus far, and exclusively to instrumentals, Rustie has here delivered a defining work.
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john esposito said...

agree with your review. not too hip to everything, but this shit sounds new...enjoying the sound. thanks for sharing.

Panda Stuffer said...

Thanks John:) Stay tuned

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