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Charanjit Singh - Ten Ragas to A Disco Beat (2010)

ARTIST`````Charanjit Singh
ALBUM`````Ten Ragas to A Disco Beat
Acid House, Electronic

YEAR````````2010 (All tracks are from 1982)

Biography and some info from Guardian

Charanjit Singh doubtless stood out as unusual in the Hindi film industry of the 1960s and 70s. Veteran of countless Bollywood soundtrack orchestras, Singh was the sort to turn up at session with the latest new synthesiser, acquired at great expense from London or Singapore. He was not, however, widely regarded among his country folk as someone "pushing things forward". His band, the Charanjit Singh Orchestra, made their rupees touring weddings, performing the hits of the day, and while he played on many popular Bollywood recordings, Charanjit Singh was never a household name.

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From Resident Advisor
Behold, my children, the legend of acid house: Imagine in your mind Chicago 1987, where a small group of club kids, led by Nathan "DJ Pierre" Jones, give Ron Hardy a record to play at the Music Box. Labelled "Acid Tracks" by Phuture, its uncompromising sound quickly clears the dance floor, but Hardy hammers the tune again and again, until the masses are converted and a new genre is born.

You've heard this story a thousand times. And everything in it is true. Except, it seems, maybe the part about it being the birth of acid. Synthesizing: Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat challenges us to rewind acid's origin story to India 1982, and to move from a sweaty Chicago nightclub to the home studio of a veteran Bollywood musician. In the '60s and '70s Charanjit Singh did time on the Bollywood soundtrack scene, and earned extra cash with his own orchestra playing popular favorites at weddings. In 1982, armed with a now-iconic trio of Roland gear, the Jupiter 8, TB-303 and TR-808, Singh set out to update the entrancing drone and whirling scales of classical Indian music. It's enough of a mind-fuck that rumors circulated on the web claiming the record was a prank spawned by Richard D. James.

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Charanjit Singh 2010 Interview

In 1982, veteran Bollywood composer Charanjit Singh visits Singapore and gets his hands on the now holy trinity of a Roland 303, 808, and Jupiter 8 - the core of acid house and arguably the precursor to electronica as we know it today.Later that year, EMI India releases an album limited to a few thousand copies: "Synthesizing: Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat". It presents Charanjit's effort at using what was then entirely new technology to bridge the gap between programmed beats, synth lines, and classical Indian music motifs.It essentially sinks without a trace.In 2010, Dutch label Bollywood Connection re-releases this LP to an unsuspecting and wholly ignorant public, convinced that these beats were established in the clubs of Chicago, Detroit, and Manchester in the mid to late eighties.They weren't.Charanjit Singh still lives in Bombay. We met him.

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You may be interested in one of the records that was considered to be the first acid sound until Charanjit was discovered. It's the legendary
Phuture - Acid Trax (1988).


Feq'wah said...

First one or's a brilliant record!!

So, you did decide to post it :) Good! Very good!

Bart Van Poecke said...

This fucking rocks!!!

Bonb said...

HOLY SHIT! HOLY PUSSYSHITING COCK! How da fuck did I miss thissss?!?!?!?

ranaghose said...

he's still very much alive and kicking - we just met him:

Panda Stuffer said...

Hey ranaghose! Thanks for that link and the PDF file - I posted it on my blog:)
Cheers and keep up the great work!

ranaghose said...

hey panda. we plan to meet again in about 2 weeks, he seemed keen to continue the conversation. and samrat would be happy to know you noted his work, i've told him. take it easy.

POLY GELIO said...

A genious masterpiece....
from a greek who leaves in Amsterdam and paying respect!!!
Thank you mr. Singh

Rana Ghose said...

Charanjit Singh Vs. Heems of Das Racist - Live November 2012:

Rana Ghose said...

Charanjit Singh Vs. Heems of Das Racist - Live November 2012:

Rana Ghose said...

Charanjit Singh Vs. Heems of Das Racist - Live November 2012:

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