Wednesday, October 6, 2010

El Guincho - Pop Negro (2010)

ARTIST`````El Guincho
ALBUM`````Pop Negro

If Pablo Diaz-Riexa’s second album under the name El Guincho doesn’t garner the same attention as the first (Alegranza) did when it arrived out of the blue two years previously, you can hardly blame him. Pop Negro is just as impressive as the debut was. It’s just that the indie landscape has shifted so much over that time span that someone blending all sorts of African, Latin, dance, and pop elements and influences into a whirling, glittery disco ball of sound isn’t exactly enough to stop the presses. In fact, since Diaz-Riexa doesn’t really break any new ground here, some may even dismiss the album as a retread. That would be a big mistake. While it’s true that the basic sonic template of Pop Negro is much the same as Alegranza, this time the songs are more focused and the overall feel is much punchier and direct. The songs seem less likely to spiral off in unpredictable directions.



Feq'wah said...

Way better than Alegranza in my opinion, and i totally love that videoclip. Have you also noticed that disturbing scene where a panda is been shot at? :)

eshaman said...

it's been a while since I visited and your taste is still impeccable. I just got hold of this elsewhere and I've been flogging it! How awesome is the clip!

Anonymous said...

The link seems broken, pls reup. Tnx alot!

Anonymous said...

Album is perfect! Here are some links:)

Anonymous said...

Many thanks, but there seems to be a password on the archive. Any idea on what that password might be?

Anonymous said...

Nevermind, found it. The pass, for those who need it, is "".

Anonymous said...


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