Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Elecktroids - Electroworld (1995)



Some info
In 1995 the UK’s Warp Records put out the much loved ‘Elektroworld’ album by Elecktroids. Today Elecktroids are widely known to have been a side project related to one or both members of Drexciya and possibly two others.
Regarding Kraftwerk, the album title most clearly references their 1981 album 'Computer World'. which would also be one of their two albums most generally considered their most obviously influential on electronic music. The other being the 'Man Machine'(1977) and not forgetting their world wide smash hit single 'Tour De France'(1983).
You should read the rest of this very detailed review here.

The 1995 Kilohertz EP is also included in the rar file:)


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