Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pete Molinari - Today Tomorrow and Forever (2009)

ARTIST`````Pete Molinari
ALBUM`````Today Tomorrow and Forever
Blues, Folk


Info from damagedgoods
Hooking up once again with Adam Landry (who also produced this EP) and a number of local musicians including steel player Chris Scruggs (grandson of Earl Scruggs) the recordings surpassed all expectations but were then taken up a gear when a chance introduction to The Jordanaires - who were completely bowled over by Pete’s voice and treatment of these songs - led to these legendary singers agreeing to provide backing vocals to the tracks. Even to be in the same town as these rock ’n’ roll heroes was a dream come true for this boy from Chatham in Kent but to then actually record with the very same men who backed up the likes of Elvis and Patsy Cline turned the sessions into a surreal experience.



HMPZ said...

Not a household name to me, so thank you for the introduction !

Panda Stuffer said...

Cheers HMPZ. What does HMPZ stand for anyway?

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