Thursday, December 23, 2010

Staff Carpenborg and The Electric Corona - Fantastic Party (1970)

ARTIST`````Staff Carpenborg and The Electric Corona
ALBUM`````Fantastic Party
GENRE`````Krautrock, Esoteric, Out There, Experimental, Psych

Defined as very early Krautrock and limited to a 500-only release, this album, from the Spanish reissue label, has always been considered “lost” to the genre, mainly because it wasn’t released on the usual Krautrock labels. It was, in fact, handled by Maritim. What were the owners of this K-Tel-alike outfit thinking of? How this drug-addled freak-out made it onto that roster is anyone’s guess. Imagine The Story Of O published by Mills & Boon. The record sleeve suggests James Last, but the music pushes boundaries, bestowing rhythm to free jazz, plus psychedelic jams drenched in nasty effects. Think of Can on a strange (as opposed to future) day, or a primordial Amon Düül. If you’re into Krautrock, get this record now.

...Imagine Reynols or Yahowha 13 gone lounge, trying to entertain a bunch of jet-setters at some hip, swinging ’60s party… It’s called Fantastic Party after all and that’s what it was meant as, a party record! Some cheesy German record label in 1970 put this together, presumably paying (with drugs?) a bunch of studio musicians to create a one-off psychedelic exploitation album by a nonexistent “band”. A dime a dozen back then, maybe, but these guys really really went for it. It is pretty darn tripped out...

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