Monday, December 20, 2010

Michael Giacchino - Maui Mallard In Cold Shadow Soundtrack (1996) + Game ROM

ARTIST`````Michael Giacchino
ALBUM`````Maui Mallard In Cold Shadow Soundtrack
GENRE`````Soundtrack, Tropical, Exotica, Kitsch, Video Games

...You are Maui Mallard, a hard-boiled, aloha-shirt-clad private You have been summoned to a tropical island to help the Muddrakes retrieve their stolen mojo idol, Shabuhm Shabuhm...

I am posting this for personal nostalgic reasons and because I found out today that many people are looking for it - all torrents died a long time ago. I couldn't find a single working link where the whole soundtrack is in one .rar file so I decided to post this little nerdy piece of video game soundtrack history. In short, this game is actually one of the best examples of classic, fetish 1990's detailed, high quality platform games with a few innovative twists. If you are into reading reviews of vintage games read this gamespot review. Also here is a youtube review with gameplay footage.

Besides the very detailed, moody graphics, smooth animation and catchy sounds the biggest highlight of the game was a perfect childish tropical, jazzy, kitschy, detective soundtrack composed by Michael Giacchino and orchestrated by Steve Duckworth. It was so memorable that people who played the game as kids in 1996 now clap in joy just by hearing the first drum rolls from the main menu.

It is interesting that this Donald Duck based detective-blindfolded-ninja tropical character and the entire eclectic aesthetic were created from scratch but it was all used just in this game - it is sad that Disney never turned this unique world into a TV series for kids *as they supposedly planned).

This .rar file contains the whole mp3 soundtrack + the Snes9x emulator + the Maui Mallard ROM with a simple "How To Play" explanation if you don't know how to open ROMs. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

hey! thanks for this, but does it work on mac as well?

Panda Stuffer said...

Hey yeah, didin't think about that. If it's not a problem , let me know if it works:) I never tried emulators on mac.

Mike said...

Great fun, atmospheric, exotic, mystic music! High class score and orchestration. Thanks a lot!

Reminds me of some other great old in-game music, though not as good as a stand alone album: Bubble Bobble theme, Secret of Monkey Island theme, No One Lives Forever main title...

balloons said...

this one has gotten me all excited, thank you for sharing your love =-)

wv= hentist (wtf? and earlier i had gotten 'boonsush')

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