Sunday, December 26, 2010

Slapp Happy - Acnalbasac Noom (1973)

ARTIST`````Acnalbasac Noom
ALBUM`````Slapp Happy
GENRE`````Avant-pop, Cabaret, Glam-Prog

Info & Review
In 1974 Virgin Records rejected the album Acnalbasac Noom by the Avant-pop band Slapp Happy, made them re-record it with different backing musicians and then released it under the corrected title Casablanca Moon. Thirty-plus years later, Slapp Happy have re-released the original version of Acnalbasac Noom in the form it was intended, with four bonus tracks. It was recorded in Wümme, Germany in 1973 with Faust as their backing band and American guitarist Peter Blegvad, who was in Britain to complete his studies.

What made the album stand were the musical styles appearing on the album, which were absolutely out of step with what was common in those days - simple as glam but at moments complex as progressive, mixed into popular housewife styles of the 60's kitsch, tangos and even straightforward chansons. There are moments that totaly sound like hippie parents of Stereolab's band members. A dated sound when heard today but it's clean production and naive atmosphere make this collection of surreal and Kurt Weill-inspired expressionist cabaret ditties a must listen.

This an alternate version of Slapp Happy's album Casablanca Moon


Anonymous said...

Glad I saw this post, thanks!

Anonymous said...

This album is totally a must.
One of the best i have ever heard, and since i´ve been a musician for ten years, i´ve listened to a lot of albums already.
So it stands above hundreds of records from everywhere and everytime.
In my taste, of course. 101% Recommended.

Elliot Knapp said...

Great album and interesting analysis. I reviewed it on my blog.

Boggins said...

Sweet. Tks.

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