Monday, December 20, 2010

Amos And Sara - Invite To Endless Latino (1983 Cassette Rip on It's War Boys Label)

ARTIST`````Amos And Sara
ALBUM`````Invite To Endless Latino
GENRE`````Weird Lounge, Lo-Fi, Indie, Underground

Words from texturemagazine
Wasted psychedelic-lounge by The Homosexuals’ bassist (Amos) and mysterious U.K. D.I.Y. phenomenon Sara (whose double-7” Sara Goes Pop is beyond amazing). This is seriously deranged material. Sara hollers out-of-tune drug-anthems above the repetitive drum machine as Amos (barely) slaps out some Latino jams in the haze of debauchery driven by the washed-out synth permeating their evening’s soundtrack. There is a lot of banging and a lot of phased vocals and even more weird “noise” occurring behind the scenes. No amount of purpose could yield such a bizarre concoction of popular noise. Invite To Endless Latino is the perfect cassette; homey, strange, beautiful, mysterious, quaint, soft, particular and simple. I dream of accidentally making music this singular. Easily one of my favorite possessions. Extremely rare and sought after.


Vretende Zebra said...

Hey Panda,

Zebra here. I found your cuz i googled Super Collider's Head On - just downloaded that one, killer.

Then saw all the loads of great albums you post(ed). I've worked at a better alternative record store in Holland and i like your tastes.

Loads o' inspiration for me. So thanks and dankjewel.

Amos and Sara: bunch of weirdos. Kinda like Moldy Peaches meets (early) Residents.


Panda Stuffer said...

Hey Zebra,

Thanks for the kind words and dig through the archives you'll find some sick stuff here:) Stop by anytime.


Anonymous said...

I love the sweet attitude of this album! Thanks, clazy

Anonymous said...

The tracklist mixed up.

E.g. The first song you have listed is entitled Mt Sinista is actually Pain Mambo.

All of the ones I played are wrongly titled.

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