Monday, November 29, 2010

V.A. Mandarinen Träume: Electronic Escapes from the Deutsche Demokraktische Republik 1981-1989

ALBUM`````Mandarinen Träume: Electronic Escapes from the Deutsche Demokraktische Republik 1981-1989
GENRE`````Cosmic, Disco, Leftfield, Kraut

I only have this 8 track long compilation but if you have the links for the original 15 track long one please post a link.

Review from RA
The task of reviewing an anthology of music so virulently steeped in socio-political context raises two problematic questions. First: should a fair appraisal of artistic merit ever draw upon historical reference in order to justify present relevance? Second: if it must, can one ever hope to do so accurately without first-hand experience of the juncture to which it is so inextricably linked? A conclusive answer to either is elusive. Fortunate, then, that Mandarinen Träume should present enough of an aurally visceral experience in itself to avoid getting bogged down by such post-structuralist digressions.


Anonymous said...

dude lay off the pseudo intellectual bullshit and tell me what it sounds like.

Panda Stuffer said...

Haha cheers for the honesty:) It good music that much I can tell you.


Anonymous said...

This is awesome.

and pseudo-intellectual bullshit is great too.

thank you

Anonymous said...

the whole thing in 320 :-)

Anonymous said...

I just got link to all 15 tracks - it works:

Thank you for your post.

Tabayo Yatukishi said...

lossless here:

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