Friday, November 19, 2010

Arnaud Rebotini - Music Components (2009)

ARTIST`````Arnaud Rebotini
ALBUM`````Music Components (2009)

The sexiest techno album of 2009
I should have posted this album a looong time ago (in 2009 to be precise). Don't know why I didn't but anyway, if you don't have it (you might have heard 2 tracks from it on my third Crashing comp) do get it and melt your headphones with every track on it. This is my favorite dance album of 2009 simply because there is no bullshit to be found anywhere on it. There is no unnecessary trendiness (charts were ruled by some of the worst progressive and tech house farts ever). Here is just Arnaud Rebotini making love to his collection of synths like TR 909, TR 808, SH 101, ARP Odyssey and Korg's Mono/Poly. But also, what's the most important part and what gives this album it's macho mojo is that it's a 100% no bullshit dance record. Each track is a rock-solid concrete piece of composition and among these 10 tracks I just can't find the shitty one. The weakest point on this album is that it doesn't last for 6 more hours.
It sounds like an intimate and romantic exploration and thats why it sucked on charts but I get the feeling that author's goal had nothing to do with charts. If you play this to a DJ and he says he wouldn't spin any of the tracks from this album that means that he/she is a mojoless douchebag and you should avoid them completely. My best advice is to go for an hour long walk and listen to the entire album in one go.

In this interview, you can see how much he is really into synths and the 771 views on youtube tells you enough about the public.


ksyban said...

Hey I googled this awesome album and panda turned up! Looks like google really really loves you hehe:-) How did you do that?

anyways, i havent been here for a long time I thought this blog died or somethin. glad to see you still don't just post whatever albums like all of the other blogs.


raph said...

thanks a lot. The itw is NYCEZ !

Carcl craig album is legendary =)

john_doe said...

i already enjoyed the tracks you submitted in the last crashing your car compilation, it will be nice to listen to the whole album. thank you!

sam alligators said...

as a long time fan of bleeding/dead pandas... i offer you this.

may the pandas continue to live.

Anonymous said...

many thanks from croatia! cheers!

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