Monday, February 28, 2011

The Mumps - Fatal Charm (1994)

ARTIST`````The Mumps
ALBUM`````Fatal Charm
GENRE`````Campy Glam New York Underground Punk / New Wave

I ain't dead yet - I just had a little nap:)

The Mumps were one of the most obscure, but distinctive, New York bands of the late '70s, performing an absurdly theatrical fusion of pop, punk, and glam rock. Led by vocalist Lance Loud, the group's music was an affectionate satire of '70s kitsch culture, predating the similar obsessions of the B-52's by a number of years. The Mumps rocked as hard as the New York Dolls, while writing clever pop hooks that updated trashy garage and bubblegum singles of the '70s. Although they never even earned a large underground following, the group was a favorite of many punk rockers of the era (including the Ramones, Blondie, the New York Dolls, X, Television, the Cramps, Devo, and the Go-Go's), as well as '80s alternative rockers like R.E.M., Game Theory, and Sparks.

About the album/compilation:
Fatal Charm compiles essentially the complete recorded works of the quirky New York band, including the simply wonderful "Crocodile Tears," as well as some equally spirited outtakes and live rehearsals. Though very little of the Mumps' music was released during their five years together as a band, their live shows were legendary, influencing many of the next generation of new wave and alternative rockers; Fatal Charm helps explain why bands continue to namedrop them 20 years later.


balloons said...

hope your nap was nice ;-) glad to see ya back!

.michael.philip.okiver.mcneill. said...

not having any luck downloading, any chance of a mirror?

Anonymous said...

Just wait a sec or two and the download link will appear:) Cheers, link is definitely working.

Anonymous said...

what can i say... stumbled across your blog today, and completely blown away by the music you are sharing with us.. will keep me occupied for a while and lead me into new aural territory, thank you most gratefully.

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