Thursday, January 6, 2011

V.A. Body Work (2011)

ALBUM`````Body Work
GENRE`````Stuck in 1980's, Classics, Funk, Electro-Funk, Disco, Breaks
A Bleeding Panda Compilation!

I've been meaning to finish this one ever since the HD Computer Music comp. This one is brimming with "stuck in 80's" funk-disco classics, a few mega icky childish pop tracks (Scritti Politti anyone?) and as always some lost or faded gems (Tarzan The Breakman, Ja Ready To Rock, Gettin' Loose). Also, the highlight here is most definitely one of the dopest disco-funk tracks of the 1980's: Tee's Happy (Tee Scott Club Mix), a gorgeous paradise of rhythm machinery and heart ripping guitar and synth work.

01 D-Train - You're The One For Me (1982)
02 Hot Streak - Body Work (1983)
03 Freestyle - Fly Freestyle (Instrumental Version Excerpt) (1984)
04 Man Parrish - Boogie Down (Bronx) (1986)
05 Scritti Politti - Hypnotize (1985)
06 Aleem - Sweet Treat (1987)
07 Kleeer - De Ting Continues (1982)
08 Bumble Bee Unltd. - Bumble Bee Rap (1981)
09 Captain Rock - Cosmic Blast (12''Mix) (1984)
10 Break Machine - Street Dance (1983)
11 Alex O - Gettin' Loose (1988 Nigeria)
12 Northend - Tee's Happy (Tee Scott Club Mix) (1981)
13 Aleem - More n More Love (1987)
14 Warp 9 - Nunk (1982)
15 Ministry - What He Say (1983)
16 Konk - Your Life (1984)
17 Afro Joe & The Bangos - Tarzan The Breakman (Radio Edit) (1984)
18 Hong Kong Syndikat - Roby (1984)
19 Midnight Star - Operator (Vocal LP Version) (1984)
20 Zapp And Roger - Ja Ready To Rock (1985)
21 Herbie Hancock - Autodrive (12'' Version) (1983)

!!! The folder is marked with (2010) because I uploaded it before the 2011 so just retype that if you care:)


TommyBoo said...

OhhhhwwwGod! This is one aweeesome romantic time-travel ride!!! Tnx mate for the love you shared! Me and the lady gonna dance our asses off tonight, heheee!

pk said...

so awkward, so funky, so good.

A. Balsalm said...

Sounds like just what I need on this cold January night! I will have to check it out.

Anonymous said...

I just randomly picked this spot to leave a comment as i go through each and every post - brilliant site, excellent choices and very little wincing...) Thanks!

HMPZ said...

Awesome mix, Panda - thank you very much !

Anonymous said...

where'd you go?

Croke said...

hey, do you know whatever happened to the "I Killed the Darkness" blog? I believe I found that blog through your friend page, but it disappeared awhile ago.

Anonymous said...

Come back you quirky fucking asshole!!! miss you!

Panda Stuffer said...

Hey everybody, I'm back.

@ Croke: I thinks it's dead for some time now:(

Reimer said...

Damn, deleted...

Anonymous said...


Jose Manuel said...

Reupload, please!

PD : Just discovered your site. Amazing.

A. Balsalm said...

I can attest this is a good comp. Cruised around a bunch of shitty Brooklyn hoods in a friend's car one day blasting this. Great nostalgic time warp!

Anonymous said...

Does anybody on the fucking INTERNET have a link for this?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

oh shit can anyone re-up this? i'm freezing and i want to get some heat from this thing!

Panda Stuffer said...


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