Tuesday, October 14, 2008


What is this?
From now on, I will occasionaly upload some nice finds, interesting cover songs, great hits that I'd like you to listen again and some general obscurities with some small info.

They are all separate uploads because this is not a compilation. Enjoy 'em.

1. Samim - Heater (Vandalism Re-Rub)

2. Alberto Pacheco - Cumbia Cienaguera

Ha! This annoying Ibiza house hit (Heater) made me sick for months and months because of repeated radio and club play. People just couldnt let go. Anyway, some days ago, I accidentaly found the ORIGINAL song from which Samim exctracted that mega catchy stupid harmonica loop from a guy called Alberto Pacheco. I love it when I discover a theft. If you are a decent DJ, you should play the original song in the middle of a mix, just to get the stupid brainwashed crowd some confused smiles.


3. Ed Rush & Optical - The Creeps (2000)

One of the first dark and gloomy drum'n'bass Ed Rush tracks I adored for years. A cult classic from a cult classic album from a cult classic producer (also check out "Pacman" which many of you probably heard from the same album "The Creeps").


4. Nitzer Ebb - Murderous (1987)

One of the toughest and coolest (real) militant-industrial electronic bands of the late 1980's. A dancefloor blast from the classic " That Total Age" album, "Murderous" still has an edgy (yet retro) killer-sound and tough "Fuck the system because it's already fucking you" lyrics. I bet that militant-angry-teenagers of those days banged their heads to death listening to this track. There is also a furious remix by Phil Kieran on my "Music For Crashing Your Car Vol. 02" compilation which i definetly recommend:)


5. The Flying Lizards - Move On Up (Cover)

A great underground trashy cover version of Curtis Mayfield's "Move on Up" by the great Flying Lizards. You can also get their album on my blog here.


6. Sebastien Tellier - Wonderafrica
7. Sebastien Tellier - Fantino
8. Sebastien Tellier - League Chicanos
9. Sebastien Tellier - Zombi
10. Sebastien Tellier - Kilometer

Since everybody thinks that Sebastian Tellier sucks because he performed at the disgusting "Eurovision" contest with a catchy gay-ish hit song "Divine" (which I find to be the most refreshing one on that smelly contest) here are some songs to prove them wrong. He is one of France's most interesting producers whose previous stranger-that-life albums I definetly recommend. He was never affraid of fooling around with music genres (which I respect the most in a musician) and with the help of producers from the great electronica band Air, created marvelous and humorous works (included in many, many cult movies). So for anyone who listened to his earlier albums, this Eurovision adventure of his is well, just another Tellier stunt, and for those who didnt listen - here are some songs to get their minds in the mood. I've included several tracks just to hear how diverse Tellier can be.


Dr.SideLove said...

hi, bleeding panda,

if you're still interested in 'afro latin soul' by Mulatu Astatke, here's a copy:


Panda Stuffer said...

Hey great! Tnx much:) I can bet that I am gonna like it!

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