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I've been listening to Bark Psychosis for a long time now and that's a bit odd considering that they have - well...only 2 albums.

Since I've already posted their first groundbreaking album "Hex" which you can and must download here, there is no reason for not posting their second, not groundbreaking but simply mature and beautiful album - Codename: Dustsucker. Considering the amount of time it took them to make this album, it's a wonder how hey managed to contain that same, fresh and organized blurry emotional sound trip they had in 1994.


Despite a relatively small recorded output and little media recognition, Bark Psychosis was one of the most innovative artists of their era. From rather uninspired origins as a teenaged Napalm Death cover band, the British group evolved by leaps and bounds, moving from moody, lush pop to ambient soundscapes to taut, atmospheric experimental music; their work was so revolutionary, and so impossible to define, that noted critic Simon Reynolds even found it necessary to invent a new sub-genre -- "post-rock" -- simply to categorize their vision.

by Adam Strohm)
For every Bon Jovi or Mission of Burma, who find success in their comebacks, there are the ill-fated attempts of countless bands whose quest for resurgence may never even reach the pubic eye (or ear), even on the level of independent music. Luckily, for Sutton and Bark Psychosis, this doesn't seem to be an applicable issue.

Augmented by a group of 14 musicians and vocalists, Sutton leads the group through nine dreamy numbers which don’t often vary from a formula that might be tired in 2004, but something that Sutton pulls of with a vitality that many others lack.

Before the lengthy construction of this album, Graham Sutton’s mind had been away from Bark Psychosis for a few years, but it’s hard to tell. ///Codename:Dustsucker is largely without missteps or ill-advised ideas; instead it’s a fresh look at the sound that he’d once eschewed. It’s nothing brazenly new, but there’s no need for it to be. The nighttime dream that is ///Codename:Dustsucker is enveloping enough that there’s not much need to worry about such minor squabbles, as, with this music, the details aren’t what matter in the end.


You should also consider downloading their previous album "Hex" here.


dustMite149 said...

Love the blog and your chaotic taste in music. Thanks especially for both Bark Psychosis posts.

Panda Stuffer said...

Enjoy dustmite I'll upload some of my more chaotic compilations very soon:) And great tnx for commenting on Bark Psychosis.

BJ said...

Thanks a lot for these uploads dude.

Panda Stuffer said...

Enjoy bj.

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