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Damn, it was almost 10 years ago... This album was the biggest discovery of my psychedelic/goa/trance youthful period (1996-2000) along with Prana, Shakta and esspecialy the only good Tsuyoshi Suzuki album - Mix For Issey Miyake Men by Naoki Takizawa (which I might upload sometime). At that time I would just grab some shitty amount of cash, run to the local bootleggers and since I had no musical knowledge or any kind of developed taste, i would just buy records by their covers or simply ask someone for advice. Thats how I got me a nice copy of Scizoeffective.

Psychedelic club scene was utterly underground at that time and trance parties
were held occasionaly and mostly in just few clubs or illegaly on open spaces. This genre of electronic music never got any mainstream attention mostly because of heavy drug-use, frequent police raids and I should say without shame - 99,99% of the entire genre simply sucks, has no artistic value and is oftenly musically inferior and stuck in plain and simple esthetics.

Scizoeffective was the first and the last album of dark-minimal-psy-meltdown I swallowed like mom's cherry-pie. I would just play the whole damn thing in horribly long loops that lasted hour after hour into the night. This is the only psy album (in my knowledge) that sounds coherent and has that stillness and coldness that removes most of those weak clubbers from a party. When dj's would start playing some of the more dark-rhytm-based minimal tracks from Scizoeffective (somewhere around morning) most of the maggots would say "Fuck you guys, I'm going home!". Thats when my time for dancing acctualy began.

The only weak and really crappy track is "Dr. Rayman" but the rest is a solid
piece of work with some outstanding tracks. "As A Child I Could Walk On The Ceiling" was my personal psy anthem and one of few remaining psychedelic hymns. I remember some guy kept bitting his friends arm while pulling my hair and mumblingly screaming the lyrics of the song. The usual thing for dj's playing this song would be to play the dub instrumental version first (the last song on the album), then blend in and play the original mix without interupting it and then close it by playing the full dub version again. We simply called that "20" because it always lasted for 20 minutes and we pretty much screamed the entire time. Other outstanding tracks include "Pop", the club hit "Travelling At The Speed Of Thought", "Thing" and "Sepercell".

Critics and the public consider the second Delta album "Send In...Send Back..."
better, more orchestral and powerful but I say fuck that, this album started it. It is raw, simple, direct and was a mindblowing experience that launched on of the greatest psy songs of all time.

By the way, I was furious because this cult album is almost IMPOSIBBLE to find on
psy-blogs, forums, torrents and even on peer-to-peer programs(after few days of hard digging I found it). That tells us quite enough about the awareness of today's psy-maggot-scene.



ZeraviV said...

Until you fix this broken clissic Trance post of yours, Let me grant you with an mix I made all out of music downloaded from the Bleeding Panda Blog.


Panda Slayer said...

Damn this is goood! Can I put it like a special edition in a new post on this blog?

Panda Slayer said...

Damn this is goood! Can I put it like a special edition in a new post on this blog?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Thank you for The Delta !!!!!!!!!!

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