Saturday, March 12, 2011

Richard Devine - Asect-Dsect (2003)

Richard Devine

GENRE`````Electronic, IDM, Glitch, Breakcore

A metallic shitstorm of samples, cracks, bangs, rips and green slimy goo.

Richard Devine’s aspirations to the profession of cinematic sound designer have become increasingly apparent with each of his recent offerings, and in Asect:Dsect, he has, even without the aid of a corresponding film, actually managed to enter into the realms of planetary creation. The man is a specialist in throwing sounds around an area, and he uses this technique as much as is technically possible within the confines of a stereo setup, to the effect of placing the listener in an artificial space – one that upon entering, becomes eerily reminiscent of movies such as Ridley Scott’s “Alien” series.


douxee said...

Shit this sounds good... Any info?
thx so much for this !!

Bert said...

try to check out Phoenecia - Brownout

little lighter yet hence funkier and darker

Anonymous said...

oh dude i didn't know you were back. nice!~

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