Thursday, March 25, 2010

V.A. Chains and Black Exhaust (2002)

Rare Chicago Psych
Chains & Black Exhaust
GENRE`````Funk, Psychedelic


“Chains And Black Exhaust” is probably the best funk rock compilation in the world -- and it doesn’t even have a song with the word "butter" in the title, either. It is wild and untamed stuff (unlike the majority of “various artists” compilations of any genre) and every track hits the nail on the head of people with long-unrequited Hendrix/Hazel fixations. All tracks are mainly on the same organic level of physical deepness as "Free Your Mind And Your - as they usher your ass back into those days of blatantly uncomfortable intra-racial relations in the media and what seems like the top tier of the most forgotten yet memorable psychedelic funk, fuzztone soul and Jimi vamps taken to illogical extremes sifted out from a decade of flea market obscurities and distilled into one truly fine representation. The sleeve design sports exterior shots of what would appear to be biker gang social clubs that tie in neatly with the title (which initially threw many off the true trail of these tracks’ provenance -- as though this collection was comprised of amateur recordings by black sickle men who pumped out psychedelic sex grooves during their off-road hours in the confines of those subterranean HQs like some soul brother equivalent of Davie Allan & The Arrows) and although the album lists no titles or artists, this only increased the chatter of those in the know and inevitably forced to the surface 12 out of 16 titles (with the remaining four of dubious origin because where the hell else is a track called “Potted Shrimp” besides the classic “Trident Sessions” Stones bootleg, anyway?!) And out of this whole passel of gunked up funk only Curtis Knight, Hot Chocolate (don’t worry -- it’s early head days with no marshmallows at all) and Black Merda I had previously even heard, let alone heard of (Which I admit isn’t saying much, but all I mean is that the usual suspects are in no way present and accounted for in this remarkable compilation.)


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Anonymous said...

THanks this is great! Iv'e found some nice stuff here ,Earthless etc. thank you .. keep it funkehy
the Cap'n coast of maine

christopher higgs said...

Thanks for all the great music! I really appreciate it. Just picked up the Huun-Huur-Tu you posted a while back. Will be linking here.

Bleeding Panda said...

Thanks for kind comments Christopher :) Enjoy friend!

New hefty, bloody compilation is up soon so stay tuned.

kami said...

WHOA - THIS IS SWEET STUFF! oops left the capital lock on... but it deserves caps anyway... just found yr site, man, you have some taste!

Bleeding Panda said...

Thanks kami:)

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