Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Micronauts - From Bleep to Bleep (2000)

ARTIST`````The Micronauts
From Bleep To Bleep
GENRE`````Techno, House


I've heard this album a week ago for the first time and was blown away. This is one of the rawest, fearless tech-house albums ever. For the fullest effect listen on some bigass headphones.

ALBUM REVIEW: The title of the Micronauts' (mini-)LP debut is just as good as any, considering all but one of the songs feature "bleep" in the title, and there's a four-part series entitled "Baby Wants to Bleep." It's also completely in keeping with the duo's aesthetic, which injects a sense of humor and off-hand charm into the often sterile and increasingly academic field of acid techno. They function as a near-perfect incarnation of classic acid acts like Altern-8 or the KLF, both of whom produced great music but also recognized and exploited, for comic effect, Britain's acid revolution during the early '90s. With all the mayhem and track-to-track flow of the best hip-hop DJs (even though they're performing on 303s and 909s instead of turntables), the Micronauts tear their way through squelchy acid hysteria and continually test the upper limits of the frequency range. Though most of the humor is inherent in the track titles, the music is so kinetic that it's easy to envision Monier and Issakidis smirking behind their boxes even as they were programming the album. Except for the heavily processed freeform-electronics piece ("Bleeper 0+2") that cuts the album in two, Bleep to Bleep offers plenty of tweaked acid patterns and quite a few trips through heavy reverb.



Loudat said...

Good fucking call! Cheers for this one, much appreciated.

Panda Stuffer said...

Enjoy the grinding beats Loudat:)

Anonymous said...

so good, thank you/ wish for higher quality

Panda Stuffer said...

If you find a better quality please post me a link!


Anonymous said...

same anonymous, again. I purchased the cd and uploaded it in apple lossless. you can compress it down from there as you like.
here's to hoping you stay immune from the current blogger blogocide...

Anonymous said...

part a:
part b:

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