Monday, March 2, 2009


It's up again so get it fast here.


The Green Shroud said...

Calexico- one of my faves, and a brilliant live band (although I must admit I wasn't too keen on Garden Ruin, as I prefer the more 'cinematic' stuff). Thanks for your great blog - you have a very interesting and varied bunch of tunes here.

Jack Celliers said...

God... I wasn't fast enough! Broken link again :(.

Anonymous said...

just saying hi
your blog is very nice!
you can visit my blog whenever you want!


Anonymous said...

requesting Satanicpornocult - Zap Meemeesshop, srysly :(

Anonymous said...

Man, long time follower. I've missed your posts recently.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for new gems! :-)

Koddy said...

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