Wednesday, September 3, 2008


What is this?
From now on, I will occasionaly upload some nice finds, interesting cover songs, great hits that I'd like you to listen again and some general obscurities with some small info.

They are all separate uploads because this is not a compilation. Enjoy 'em.

1. Eläkeläiset - Humppanirvana (Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit Cover)

This is a very special band indeed. They come from Finland and are generaly drunk. They mostly do cover songs but with a twist - they transform them into strange Finnish humppa music style.


2. Estelle - Wait A Minute (Just A Touch) (2008)

A huge new club r'n'b hit with MTv videos, interviews and all that shitty default glitter. Her album pretty much sucked as r'n'b albums ussualy go these days but this hit song is really a quality one. Great beats and superb production.


3. Kajagoogoo - Too Shy (1982)

Hehe, I love this. Probably everybody heard this turbo-hit song but it needs to be listened again. It has one of the greatest (my favourite) stupid-pop choruses EVER written "Too shy shy, Hush hush, eye to eye". Brilliant stupidity that worked.


4. The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown - Fire (1968)

Alice Cooper can lick this guy's dirty boots and dumb kids saying that Arthur Brown copied Alice Cooper can go and kill themselves because it is goes the other way around. Anyways, Arthur Brown was a rock failure (but an influental one) and he only managed to release this hit song in 1968. But what interests me the most is that The Prodigy sampled his famous scream "I am the God of Hellfire..." for their hit single "Fire".


5. Zeena Parkins - Firebrat (1987)

A solid avant-garde band that started in the 80's. I found it very strange that Amon Tobin's work really resembles their early works so I selected this song to point that out. Strange.



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kulj :)

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Nice site! I'll be following your comments about music from now on!

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