Friday, May 23, 2008


(In Polish: Matki Wandalki = Vandalizing Mothers)

After Bruce Haack, Felix Kubin is one of the strangest artists in the realm of electronic music. German madness and general disregard for enjoyable sound are his trademarks.

Felix Kubin, one half of the Hamburg based futuristic noise band KLANGKRIEG, lives and works against the rest of the world. His activities comprise Sci-Fi Pop/Noise/animation films/radio plays/experimental broadcasting. As the messenger of exploding lungs he started his label "Gagarin Records" in 1998 and rules the "syndicate of counter-noise" since 9.9.1999. His experiences both in electroacoustic music and strange electronic pop (that he followed already in the early 80ies with his notorious band "Die Egozentrischen Zwei" — released as "the Tetchy Teenage Tapes of Felix Kubin" on SKIPP and A-Musik) induced him to launch a vinyl record label for all kinds of Dada-electronics on the edge of pop and experimental music.

ALBUM REVIEW BY Fritz Ostermayer:
Old School? New School? In reality, both are just a question of orchestral and sound preference. The freespirit, in this case, decides for No School: for only from the fragments of No (ie. No Wave in reference to No New York) new forms can originate. And, at best, No would also imply idiosyncratic wanking and autodidactic self-empowerment.
As 11-year-old pre-teen, this Gyro Gearloose of pataphysical sound Felix Kubin not only sought for self-satisfaction with his legendary child-band „Die Egozentrischen 2“ but also instigated the first folk synthesizer against its own instruction manual (of course in accordance with the „zeitgeist“ at that time). The result was an elevated monstrosity from a merciless rage-experiment with frightening precociousness. All at the peak of the Neue Deutsche Welle... Thank god that today, more than two decades later, there is no stopping this former „wunderkind“! Admittedly, the mischievous demolition of pop structures, which was once attributed to a juvenile Berserkerdom, has since then evolved into a more conscious Dada-Hooliganism. Or - to put it simple with the metaphor of the album title - it turned into the „Mothers of Destruction“ (in Polish: Matki Wandalki = Vandalizing Mothers).
The fact that the anaemic ghost of deconstruction doesn’t spoil the 13 tracks on this CD must have to do with Felix’ abstruse humor. Like his love of sounds, the hum of Kubin’s cosmos is powerfully distinct. It reminds (not only) me of tschechoslovakian animation films and – even further back – of the electro-acoustic sound experiments of the fifties avant-garde long before their development into pop,
Matki Wandalki unites several pairs of aesthetic contradictions. Abstract Darmstadt goes Pop. The result is „witty“ musique concrete and something that I can only interpret as „program-music“ without a narrative „program“.
That by such cheerful science he would also come out with a real hit for the possibleWeb-Nerds-Casting-Show (Hit Me Provider) is no surprise for me. On the conrtrary, it’s more than ever pleasing. With it Felix should finally be making the well deserved dough...As for me, I just can’t leave him out of Pop...No School? Better this: Own School! Class Kubin!

You can check him out here:

See this great video for "Hotel Supernova":



TalkingBook said...

Thanks much, Felix Kubin is my new favorite electronic madman. Check out his video for Hotel Supernova! Very proper decent indeed!

Panda Slayer said...

Tnx:) Ive seen this one and I'll put it in my post:)

TalkingBook said...

Do you happen to have any of his other releases? Filmmusik or The Tetchy Teenage Tapes Of Felix Kubin? Or even, dare I ask, his label's compilation entitled Psykoscifipoppia? That would be amazing.

Otherwise I'll just have to heard on over to Hamburg sometime and see what they've got lying around in his city.

Either way thanks again.

Panda Stuffer said...

I dont have ANYTHING else by Felix Kubin and I'm furious! I just can't find anything more anywhere on the internet. If you have something please let me know or even better if you visit Hamburg, buy everything!

TalkingBook said...

I managed to come across his newest album that he created for a radio play. Here ya go:

Panda Stuffer said...

Damn nice:) Tnx so much, Im downloading it now.

Sturmgas said...

Great stuff thanks.
check also: Suppe für die Nacht with Coolhaven on Brombron

Panda Stuffer said...

I'm very interested. have any links? I can find any...

holocaos said...

hes certainly a son of dracula with kraftwerk

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Rey Rey said...

Thanks for the killer teutonica!

Rey Rey said...

Thanks for the killer teutonica jamz!

lonesome-cowgirl said...

Wonderful!!!! Thanks!!

lonesome-cowgirl said...

Wonderful!!! Thanks!!!

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